The following homilies cover much of the liturgical calendar over a three-year cycle. For detailed study, and a wealth of insights, I recommend the sermons of Bl. John Henry Newman (Parochial and Plain Sermons), which I use for my own spiritual reading.

Title Liturgy Emphasis
Y The Ark of the Church First Sunday of Advent (2007)
Y Magnanimity and Pride Third Sunday of Advent (2007)
Y The Good News Fourth Sunday of Advent (2007)
Y The Crib and the Christmas Tree Christmas Day (2007)
Y The Forbidden Fruit First Sunday of Lent (2008)
Y The Transfiguration of Jesus Second Sunday of Lent (2008)
Y Living Water Third Sunday of Lent (2008)
Y Anointed Dust Fourth Sunday of Lent (2008)
Y The Raising of Lazarus Fifth Sunday of Lent (2008)
Y The Road to Calvary Palm Sunday (2008)
Y Confirmation and Holy Saturday Holy Saturday (2008)
Y The Resurrection and Human Hope Easter Sunday (2008)
Y The Divine Mercy Second Sunday of Easter (2008)
Y The Resurrection and the Beatitudes Third Sunday of Easter (2011) RESURRECTION
Y The Gate of the Sheepfold Fourth Sunday of Easter (2011) THE ONE WAY
Y Living Stones Fifth Sunday of Easter (2008)
Y The Way, the Truth and the Life Fifth Sunday of Easter (2011) JESUS CHRIST
Y The Fire of the Holy Spirit Sixth Sunday of Easter (2008)
Y Ascension with Christ The Ascension of our Lord (2008)
Y The Fruitfulness of the Trinity Trinity Sunday (2008)
Y The Body and Blood of Christ Corpus Christi (2008)
Y Lest the cross of Christ be made void Third Sunday (2008)
Y The Elysian Fields Fourth Sunday (2011)
Y Hatred, Enmity and Love Seventh Sunday (2011)
Y Fruitfulness on Earth Eighth Sunday (2011)
Y Mercy and Sacrifice Tenth Sunday (2008)
Y Unclean spirits Eleventh Sunday (2008)
Y The Donkey and the War Chariots Fourteenth Sunday (2008)
Y The Wheat and the Weeds Sixteenth Sunday (2008)
Y The Feeding of the Five Thousand Eighteenth Sunday (2008)
Y Willing Heaven Twentieth Sunday (2008)
Y The Rock of Peter Twenty-First Sunday (2008)
Y “Get behind me, Satan!” Twenty-Second Sunday (2008)
Y Fraternal Correction Twenty-Third Sunday (2008)
Y The Merit of Good Works Twenty-Fifth Sunday (2008)
Y Entering the Kingdom of Heaven Twenty-Sixth Sunday (2008)
Y Respect Life Twenty-Seventh Sunday (2008)
Y The Supernatural Vocation Twenty-Eighth Sunday (2008)
Y Render unto Caesar Twenty-Ninth Sunday (2008)
Y With All Your Heart Thirtieth Sunday (2008)
Y Doubling our Talents Thirty-Third Sunday (2008)
Y Quenching the flame Solemnity of Christ the King (2008)
Y Death, Judgment and Purgatory All Souls Day (2008)
Y The Temple of the Lord Dedication of the Lateran (2008)
Title Liturgy Emphasis
Y Watch and Wait First Sunday of Advent (2008)
Y Preparing for the Coming of the Christ Second Sunday of Advent (2008)
Y The Divine Bridegroom Third Sunday of Advent (2008)
Y The Manifestation of the Son of God Epiphany (2009)
Y The Meaning of the Baptism of the Christ The Baptism of the Lord (2009) SPIRITUAL EXEGESIS
Y The First Commandment First Sunday of Lent (2009) DECALOGUE (1)
Y The Second Commandment Third Sunday of Lent (2009) DECALOGUE (2)
Y The Hidden Power of God Palm Sunday (2009) CHRIST'S DIVINITY
Y The Open Gates of Heaven Holy Saturday (2009) SALVATION HISTORY
Y Some Implications of the Resurrection Easter Sunday (2009) RESURRECTION
Y The Wounds of the Risen Christ Divine Mercy Sunday (2009) RESURRECTION
Y Prayer for Vocations Third Sunday of Easter (2009) VOCATION
Y The Vine and its Fruit Fifth Sunday of Easter (2009) FRUITS AND WORKS
Y The Second-Personal Relationship Sixth Sunday of Easter (2009) THE SECOND PERSON
Y Bridging Heaven and Earth The Ascension of our Lord (2009) THE ASCENSION
Y Love and the Holy Trinity Trinity Sunday (2009) THE TRINITY
Y The Two Species of the Eucharist Body and Blood of Our Lord (2009) THE EUCHARIST
Y Atheism, Peace and Joy Second Sunday (2009) RESPONSE TO ATHEISM
Y The City of Man and the City of God Third Sunday (2009) WELTENKRAFT/CHRIST
Y Against the Dark Fourth Sunday (2009) GOOD AND EVIL
Y Two Views of Human Life Fifth Sunday of the Year SUPERNATURAL LIFE
Y Leprosy, Sin and Divine Mercy Sixth Sunday (2009) PRACTICAL CHARITY
Y The Healing of the Paralytic Seventh Sunday (2009) SPIRITUAL EXEGESIS
Y Weathering the Storms Twelfth Sunday (2009) CHURCH HISTORY
Y Faith, morals and practical precepts Twenty-Second Sunday (2009) MORALS
Y Christian marriage Twenty-Seventh Sunday (2009) MARRIAGE
Y "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" Twenty-Eighth Sunday (2009) SALVATION AND LOVE
Y The Good News Twenty-Ninth Sunday (2009) THE GOSPEL
Y Biology and theology Thirtieth Sunday (2009) FAITH AND SCIENCE
Y Unreasonable Sacrifice Thirty-Second Sunday (2009) LOVE AND SACRIFICE
Y Dan Brown and Catholic History Solemnity of Christ the King (2009) EARLY CHURCH HISTORY
Y The Immaculate Conception of Mary Immaculate Conception (2008)
Title Liturgy Emphasis
Y Advent and the Second Coming First Sunday of Advent (2009) THE END TIMES
Y Repentance in the Wilderness Second Sunday of Advent (2009) REPENTANCE
Y The Wheat and the Chaff Third Sunday of Advent (2009) CONVERSION
Y The Advent of Friendship with God Fourth Sunday of Advent (2009) SUPERNATURAL LIFE
Y The Hope of Christ's Coming Christmas Midnight Mass (2009) MEANING OF CHRISTMAS
Y Christ, Epiphany and Astrology Feast of the Epiphany (2010) AGAINST ASTROLOGY
Y Preparing for the Harvest Third Sunday of Lent (2010) FRUITFULNESS
Y The Prodigal Son Fourth Sunday of Lent (2010) REPENTANCE
Y The Raising of Lazarus Fifth Sunday of Lent (2010) DEATH AND NEW LIFE
Y The Miraculous Catch Third Sunday of Easter (2007)
Y Love and the Second Person Fourth Sunday (2010) THE SECOND PERSON
Y The Victory of the Cross Palm Sunday (2007)
Y The Absolution of Peter Third Sunday of Easter (2010) FORGIVENESS
Y The Twofold Aspect of Love Fifth Sunday of Easter (2007)
Y The Prism of Glory Fifth Sunday of Easter (2010) CHRISTIAN GLORY
Y Loving God and Keeping His Word Sixth Sunday of Easter (2007)
Y Epicurean Peace Sixth Sunday of Easter (2010) FALSE AND TRUE PEACE
Y Knowing the Holy Spirit Pentecost Sunday (2007)
Y The Trinity and the Second Person Trinity Sunday (2010) THE TRINITY
Y Eucharist: Sacrifice, Presence and Food Corpus Christi (2007)
Y Confirmation and Cana Second Sunday (2010) CONFIRMATION
Y The Miracle at Cana Second Sunday (2010) EXEGESIS OF CANA
Y The Origin and Meaning of Forgiveness Eleventh Sunday (2010) FORGIVENESS
Y Second Personal Obedience Twelfth Sunday (2010) OBEDIENCE
Y Christians and property Fourteenth Sunday (2010) POSSESSIONS
Y Martha and Mary Sixteenth Sunday (2010) PRAYER AND ACTION
Y Martha and Mary Sixteenth Sunday (2007)
Y The Language of Prayer Seventeenth Sunday (2007)
Y Vanity Fair Eigthteenth Sunday (2010) VANITY AND ETERNITY
Y Truth and Opposition Twentieth Sunday (2007)
Y Football and the Narrow Gate Twenty-First Sunday (2007)
Y Humility Twenty-Second Sunday (2007)
Y The Lost Sheep, Lost Coin and Lost Son Twenty-Fourth Sunday (2007)
Y The Unjust Steward Twenty-Fifth Sunday (2007)
Y The Rich Man and Lazarus Twenty-Sixth Sunday (2007)
Y The Mulberry Tree Twenty-Seventh Sunday (2007)
Y Giving Thanks Twenty-Eighth Sunday (2007)
Y The Pharisee and the Tax Collector Thirtieth Sunday (2007)
Y Zacchaeus and the Bridge Thirty-First Sunday (2007)
Y The Maccabean Persecution Thirty-Second Sunday (2007)
Y The End of the World Thirty-Third Sunday (2007)
Y The Crucified King Solemnity of Christ the King (2007)
Y Humility Birth of John the Baptist (2007)
Title Liturgy Emphasis
Y Remembrance of Beyon Perera Third Sunday (2010) GRIEF AND HOPE
Y Funeral Mass Fr Andrew Hurley Funeral Mass 3 Sept 2014 Brentwood Cathedral PURGATORY, GRACE, SALVATION
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